Trials & Registration

Team lists have been announced! Click here to see the lists.
Training will start from 22 April for teams with coaches and training slots confirmed.

Games will start from 26 April.

Please do not send emails asking to change teams or training venues. We are busy packing singlets, getting players entered into the system, and finalising coaches and training slots.

Download the BasketballConnect app and follow your team to check the game time for the first game.

Teams without coaches allocated will not train this week. Keep checking the team list to see if a coach has come forward.

Contact Leah at [email protected] to offer to be a team manager.

The first two games will be grading games. This is to try to get teams into the right divisions so they can be competitive. If any player seems to be in the wrong division, coaches will provide feedback to Jim and Andrew.

Please read our parents’ guide and handbook on our home page, and discuss this with your son.

When and where are the games held?

Wizards are planning a new schedule for junior fixtures for Winter Season 2024 beginning in Term 2, to accommodate changes in the rep season calendar.

Games will be played at Northside Indoor Sports Centre, 20 Cambewarra St, Zillmere or South Pine Sports Complex, 620 South Pine Rd, Brendale.

  • All U12 to U18 Div A teams to play on Friday nights at Zillmere or Brendale
  • U10 all divisions, and U12 to U14 Div B and below to play on Saturdays at Zillmere or Brendale
  • U16 to U18 Div B and below to play on Sundays at Zillmere or Brendale

When and where are the trials?

Trials for Winter Season 2024 were held on Friday 19 April at Northside Indoor Sports Centre, 20 Cambewarra St, Zillmere.

U10 (born 2015, 2016) – 5pm to 5:45pm

U12 (born 2013, 2014) – 5pm to 5:45pm

U14 (born 2011, 2012) – 6pm to 6:45pm

U16 (born 2009, 2010) – 7pm to 7:45pm

U18 (born 2007, 2008) – 8pm to 8:45pm

Players must have registered and paid their BQ fees and season fees to take part in the trials. This is for insurance purposes. Information about the fees are on the Northside Wizards website at The option to pay by fortnightly instalments is now available. The final instalment is due prior to the start of the season.

Players are expected to attend the trials to enable the coaching team to assess players’ skill levels relative to other players. Players are placed into teams based on their performance at trials, so please make this a priority.

If any players can’t make the trials, please let us know beforehand by emailing [email protected].

How do I register?

Registrations opened in February and are now closed.

We have over 40 teams and are always interested to hear from potential coaches and managers, please indicate your interest in these roles by signing up here

Confirmation of the correct age cut offs is on the Northside Wizards website at What Age Group Will My Child Play In? – Northside Basketball Inc. (

How do the trials work?

Players who don’t attend the trials cannot be assured of a spot in a team.

There will be no spectators allowed into the venue during the trials. Only prospective coaches, assistant coaches and club committee members will be allowed to enter.

All players are to bring a basketball clearly marked with their name, and a water bottle. Please wear a singlet as we will be writing numbers on the boys’ arms to help identify them during the trials.

Please ask players to try their hardest throughout the trials so they are placed in a team that is the right level for them.

Players will be placed into teams and graded into division levels.

Please don’t ask for players to be moved after the trials, as this creates extra pressure on our volunteers who need to complete a large number of tasks for players to be able to begin playing a few days after the trials.

Occasionally we will need to move players during the grading process, please be open to any changes requested. The aim is for players to have a positive experience of basketball.

How does the competition work? When are the finals?

Winter Season is in Terms 2 and 3 (April to September), and Summer Season is in Terms 4 and 1 (October to March), both with finals at the end of the season.

Northside Wizards offers a WizKids skills development program for players from 4 to 11 years of age.

Wizards also offer a Seniors competition for players who are 16 years and older.

Season dates are available here.

Can players be put into teams with their friends?

We make all efforts to place players in teams based on their skill and ability. This helps ensure that players have a great basketball experience during the season. We do know that some players may want to play with their friends. During the trials, boys will be placed in teams of similar playing abilities. We can’t guarantee that friends will be placed together but we will consider requests only where players are the same playing ability. Requests must be made prior to trials.

Can players play with friends in an older age group? They go to school together.

Players must play in their correct age group. This a Wizards requirement.

When and where will training sessions be?

Training sessions are likely to be on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. The earliest slots are given to the youngest teams. With more than 40 teams to find slots for, the more flexible coaches can be about times and venues the better.

Training times are only released once we have formed teams and allocated coaches. Our main priority when scheduling training is coach availability followed by venue allocations.

It is not possible to request a training venue or swap teams to change training venues after the team lists are announced. Training will begin the week after the trials.

How will I know what team my son has been placed in?

Team lists will be emailed and posted at the top of this page once available. Please also note that during the 2 week grading period after the trials, players may be moved between teams in exceptional circumstances.

Do I need to buy a uniform?

Once games start, all boys must wear plain black shorts (no pockets for safety reasons or large logos). Wizards have supplies of shorts available for purchase at Zillmere for $25. Suitable shorts are usually available in the active wear section of K Mart, or at Rebel.

The club’s game jerseys are only to be worn during games. For training sessions, players should wear their own singlet or t shirt. Club jerseys are to be returned to the team manager at the end of each season.

Due to popular demand, personalised singlets are offered for purchase once per season, prior to the trials. Players may only choose a number that is not already held by another player in their age group. Players may choose the text to be printed on the back of the singlet. Surnames are usually chosen, but nicknames are also acceptable.

How do I know when the games are on?

Your team manager will confirm the game times each week. Games for the whole season are scheduled at the beginning of the season. Minor changes may happen week to week.

Team managers are volunteers and are busy parents. You can look up the confirmed game times yourself on the BasketballConnect app. Game times may change at short notice. Please check the app the day before the game.

Season dates are published here.

Where can I look up the results of the games?

Game results will be published on the BasketballConnect website.

BasketballConnect also provides a great app to view game day and season stats from team results to individual players.

You can also make your team a favourite, so you can view upcoming fixtures and the competition ladder. The app automatically recognises which teams are associated with the email address you create the account with, so use the email address that you have registered with us.

Any late changes to the draw should be finalised by the day before the game.

Northside Wizards has signed on for Glory League which films all games at Northside Indoor Sports Centre. Glory League gives all players a link to view the game online if they are linked in with that game via BasketballConnect. This is a wonderful feature that allows people to watch highlight packages, send copies of games to loved ones interstate or overseas, and for coaching development & referee development.

You will receive an email each week from Glory League after the first game at Zillmere or Brendale. Check your junk mail folder if you do not receive the email.

Glory League also has an app.

Who coaches the teams?

Coaches are usually parents or relatives of players in each team. Elder siblings of players are also welcome and it is a great way for young people to develop leadership and teaching skills. Current and past players are encouraged to apply.

For the younger age groups, it is also helpful to have an assistant coach who can act as a backup if the coach can’t make it to training or to a game. All prospective coaches will be asked to attend the trials to help with team selection.

Could anyone willing to be a coach or assistant coach this season please contact Andrew Taylor our Coach Coordinator at <mailto:[email protected]>

Andrew will provide coaches with coaching resources. Northside Wizards has also developed some coaching resources. There are also coaching courses available through Wizards.

Who manages the teams?

Managers are usually a parent of one of the players in the team. The main roles of the team manager are to deal with team communications, singlet management and score bench roster management.

All parents are expected to take turns on the score bench at games. There will be a paid Wizards staff member on the score bench who can help inexperienced parents with operating the scoreboard or the scoring system.

How do I contact club committee members?

All club committee members are volunteers with families and full time jobs and may not be able to respond immediately to emails. Northside Wizards prefers that all communications are by email, to make the roles manageable for busy parents.

Please note our new email addresses which end in .com and not

Anne Li, Registrar <mailto:[email protected]>

Andrew Taylor, Coach Coordinator <mailto:[email protected]>

Jim Barry, Club Manager <mailto:[email protected]>

Leah Edmonds, Uniform Coordinator <mailto:[email protected]>

Cassie Parker, Younger Age Group Coordinator <mailto:[email protected]>

How do I keep up to date with the latest news?

Keep an eye on our Facebook page here.

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