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Junior Player Registration Fees include several components:
– Basketball Queensland registration is an annual fee that is valid for 365 days. This fee will be automatically added to your registration if you are new and/or if your annual fee is due.
– Northside Wizards Junior Player registration – this is required for each season. For club players it includes a club registration fee that assists with club costs including training venue and singlet hire. All junior players also pay a weekly game fee upfront at the start of the season. All of these components are included in the junior registration season fee.
**Please note if the player intends on playing up in a higher age group in 2020, a ‘2nd Game’ fee is required to be paid at the venue prior to the first game in the higher division – your Club must first approve your request to play in a second age group **

Unregistered players
Unregistered and unfinancial players are not covered by player insurance and WILL NOT be allowed to play under any circumstances.  This will be strictly enforced from Week 1.

Basketball Queensland Fee for Under 10’s (365 days) $36.17
Basketball Queensland Fee for 10 and over (365 days) $72.33
Junior club players Northside Wizards registration – Under 9 & Under 11 Club Players  Rounds Total
 U9 & Under 11 Club Term 1 (includes NGBL Bronze & NGBL Silver) 9 $142.16
U9 & Under 11 Club Term 2 (includes NGBL Bronze & NGBL Silver) 8 $126.37
U9 & Under 11 Club Term 3 (includes NGBL Bronze & NGBL Silver) 7 $110.57
 U9 & Under 11 Club Term 4 (includes NGBL Bronze & NGBL Silver) 9 $142.16
Junior club players Northside Wizards registration – Under 13 to Under 19 Club Players  Rounds Total
Championship season (Terms 1, 2 and 3 combined) 24 $474.02
Summer season (Term 4 only) 9 $177.76

School Teams
Players who participate in approved School teams register with a different link and under a different fee structure. Their teams start later in the season and they do not pay a club fee, nor do they receive club support such as player singlets and training venue hire. School team organisers should be contacted for registration links.

The Seasons
The Under 9 and under 11 Junior Competitions re-start at the beginning of each school term to allow for additional players to graduate from our beginner programs and join the competition.
The Junior Competition year for Under 13 to Under 19 players is divided into two seasons as outlined below.
All age groups participate in sign-on and trial days on the first two weekends of school term one (days and times to be advised for each club).
This is followed by a three week grading competition, where the junior clubs are able to move players between teams to ensure they are balanced and competitive.  The teams may also be moved between divisions to ensure they participate in a balanced competition.

The Championship Season for Under 13 to Under 19 teams includes terms one, two & three of the school year. The extended season will continue to the end of term three, where all teams will compete towards a final series, culminating in division finals and potential division champions. Term four is the Summer Season where court time is a bit more relaxed. No Finals, no trophies, just a chance to keep active as we head into the summer holiday break.