NWB Curriculum Framework

In 2021 Northside Wizards Basketball will begin adopting an association-wide curriculum to develop consistency in what is taught, learnt, and valued across all NWB programs. NWB will implement coach development opportunities to strategically introduce, unpack and develop the curriculum for all levels of the coaching pathway. Threading a consistent philosophy from our senior representative programs down to our junior representative and club competitions will help develop a pathway and program that all players and coaches can tap in to. It builds upon our club culture through greater integration between teams, age groups and the junior and senior programs. In addition, integrating this curriculum ensures NWB athletes are best prepared to succeed as they progress to higher levels within the association and on to the Basketball Queensland player pathway.

For more information on the NWB Curriculum Framework please contact NWB [email protected] 

How does it work?

The NWB Curriculum Framework provides an overview of what we at NWB want to develop in our athletes, teams and broader representative and club programs. This framework aligns with Basketball Queensland’s and Basketball Australia’s style of play documents, to ensure that our athletes are given the best opportunity to progress along the state and national pathways. It demonstrates the continuity of each aspect of athlete, team and program development and the holistic approach that we wish to undertake when planning the content of the club curriculum.

All aspects of the framework are interlinked and connected. At the top of the framework are our values. Our values determine what we want our players, teams and overall club to promote in all aspects of basketball. Our values then permeate through our style of play and on-court systems, right down to our individual players’ characteristics, skills and the concepts we teach. This framework is first introduced primarily through our coach accreditation courses.

For more information on the NWB Curriculum Framework please contact NWB [email protected] 

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