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Trial Information

Upcoming Season:

Trial information is currently not available.

General Information:

When and where are the trials?

Summer Season Trials were held at – To be confirmed once registrations have opened.

We will hold trials separately for each age bracket:

  • U12 (born 2013, 2014)
  • U14 (born 2011, 2012)
  • U16 (born 2009, 2010)
  • U18 (born 2007, 2008)

Players born prior to 2007 – will be working with Northside Wizards to ensure you have a competition.

Players born after 2014 – Northside Wizards run a WizKids program.  For information please see Wizkids Competitions – Northside Basketball Inc. (


All players are required to attend trials and MUST be registered and paid to be eligible to attend.  Players are placed into teams based on their performance at trials, so please make this a priority. If any players can’t make either of the trials please let us know beforehand by emailing [email protected].

We will be asking all players to arrive 30 minutes prior to court time for administrative activities.

Players must have registered and paid their BQ fees and season fees to take part in the trials. This is for insurance purposes. Information about the fees are on the Northside Wizards website at

How do the trials work?

All players who attend the trials will be placed into a team. Players who miss the trials cannot be assured of a spot in a team.

Only prospective coaches, assistant coaches and club committee members will be allowed to enter and they will need to sign in with the QR code on entry.

Could all players please bring a water bottle, basketball and wear a reversible singlet or bring one light and one dark singlet, no T-shirts as we will be writing numbers on the players arms to help identify them during the trials.

Please ask players to try their hardest throughout the trials so they are placed in a team that is the right level for them.

Players will be placed into teams and graded into division levels.  Please don’t ask for players to be moved after the first trial.

Occasionally we will need to move players during the grading process, please be open to any changes requested. The aim is for players to have a positive experience of basketball, and to make competitive teams for the season.

We request that all players going through the trials and grading process commit to playing for the full Season, otherwise teams will be short on numbers, players will need to be moved, and teams may need to be split up.

Season dates are published on the Northside Wizards website at

Can players be put into teams with their friends?

Player requests for Division 1 are not able to be accommodated.  We make all efforts to place players in teams based on their skill and ability. This helps ensure that players have a great basketball experience during the season. We do know that some players may want to play with their friends. During the trials, players will be placed in teams of different playing abilities. We can’t guarantee that friends will be placed together but we will consider requests only where players are the same playing ability.

Can players play with friends in an older age group? They go to school together.

Players must play in their correct age group. There may be some provision for players to play a second game in an older age group but this must be discussed with NGBL Manager at trials. There would be an additional cost for playing a second game.

How will I know what team my child has been placed in?   

Grading Team lists will be published on our website once available. We expect that we will have some idea of teams after the trials, but teams will not be finalised until after the grading games. Please ensure your child is aware that they may be moved during the trails and grading games.

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