Winter 2024 FAQ’s

Northside Wizards Winter 2024 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are the season dates?
What age group will my child play in?
What are the age group requirements?

2024 Registrations and Exemptions

When do registrations close for Winter 2024 Season?

Northside Wizards Clubs can accept registrations freely until 12/04/2024 (unless filled earlier) when they nominate the number of teams they are entering into the competition for the season. From there, if they have room within teams, they may still accept registrations at any point throughout the season to fill teams if they have space.

Is there an option for a payment plan?

Northside Wizards is happy to advise that we are offering an instalment option, this time with 5 fortnightly instalments which sees full registration fees paid before the season commences.

The dates for those selecting instalment options are:

Instalment #1:   At time of registration + BQ membership if required
Instalment #2:   04/03/2024
Instalment #3:   18/03/2024
Instalment #4:   01/04/2024
Instalment #5:   15/04/2024

Instalment amounts are $87.06

BQ membership fees are $44.51/$82.14

Any registrations coming in after any of the dates, their payment at time of registration will include any amounts up to that point.

Example: Registering on 08/03/2024, would see the payment at time of registration being both Instalment #1 & Instalment #2 + BQ membership if required. The rest of the fees would then be paid across the remaining dates.

What are the credit card fees in BasketballConnect?

You may be charged up to 2.25% + 30c for domestic Australian Credit Cards, and 2.70% + 30c for American Express cards and 3.40% + 30c for international cards.

Please note that Northside Wizards does not set these fees

Can I pay by Bank Transfer?

No, all transactions need to be completed via the BasketballConnect portal, and there is no option for Bank Transfers.

What are the Basketball Queensland Membership fees for the different age groups?

Basketball Queensland is inclusive of the National Basketball Australia levy also
$44.51 for U10 and $82.14 for 10 and older.

If I register my child into the wrong club or wish to change clubs after I have completed registration (i.e. wish to de-register and join the right club) will I be charged transaction fees again?


What are the pro-rated membership fees & joining dates?

Registrations from 17/06/2024 will be eligible for the half-season amount of $218.59 (plus Basketball Queensland Registration costs, if required)

How do I use my Fair Play Voucher?

A Fair Play Voucher code can be entered at the time of registration in Basketball Connect. You will receive an email following successful registration requesting a copy of the voucher. If the voucher code is invalid, an invoice will be raised for the amount of $150.

What do girls that qualify for a U10 competition need to do?

Please contact [email protected] for more information on Term 2 Aussie Hoops WizKids Competition.

When is the next Score Bench or Referee Course being offered at Northside Wizards?

If you interested in upcoming Score Bench or Referee courses, please email [email protected]

When is the next Coaching Course being offered at Northside Wizards?

An entry-level coaching course, perfect for those who are looking to brush up their skills before the start of our winter season!

  • Sunday, March 10th
  • 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM
  • Northside Indoor Sports Centre, Performance Centre
  • Register Here

Please email [email protected] for any coaching queries.

Are black shorts available for purchase at Northside Indoor Sports Centre?

Yes, $25.00 at the front counter of Northside Indoor Sports Centre.

Shorts must be black, with no pockets or visible logos.

What size ball will my child use in their trainings/games?

Size 5 = U10 & U12 (Boys & Girls)

Size 6 = Girls U14 , U16 & U18 | Boys U14

Size 7 = Boys U16, U18

My question isn’t listed – who can I contact?

Please email your question to our Admin Team, and we will get back to you as soon as possible – [email protected]

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