Senior Club Competition Information


Northside Wizards offer a range of social competitions and Monday Premier League competition.

  • Monday Morning Women (Social) – OPEN
  • Monday Night Premier Men (Fully Timed) – NEARING CAPACITY
  • Monday Night Premier Women (Fully Timed) OPEN
  • Tuesday Night Men (Social) – CAPACITY REACHED
  • Tuesday Night Women (Social) – OPEN
  • Wednesday Night U21 Men (Social) – OPEN
  • Wednesday Night Men (Social) – CAPACITY REACHED
  • Thursday Night Men (Social) – OPEN
  • Thursday Night Veteran Men (O35) (Social) – NEARING CAPACITY
  • Thursday Night Veteran Women (O30) (Social) – OPEN
  • Sunday Night Mixed (Social) – OPEN

Summer Senior Calendar



  • Step 1 – Register your team
  • Step 2 – Wait for confirmation from NWB of team acceptance
  • Step 3 – Invite your team mates to register to your team


  • Step 1 – Get your invite from your team captain or junior club (U21)
  • Step 2 – Register!
    • All players must have a valid season registration for the season.
    • No registration = no play.

Game times can be scheduled anywhere between 6.00pm to 10:10pm.

Game time requests will NOT be accepted.



Registration Type Fee Amount
Basketball Queensland Fee (valid for 365 days) $71.01 (incl GST)
Senior Player Season Registration Fee $70 (incl GST)
U21 Club Affiliated Player Season Registration Fee $429 (incl GST)
Senior Player Additional Team Fee (if you play on multiple teams) $38.18 (incl GST)
Senior Winter Season Team Nomination Fee (via TeamPay) $57 (incl GST)
Weekly Game Fee (via TeamPay) Social $120 / Premier League $130 (incl GST)
U21 Age Group Women

The NGBL is excited to provide a pathway for our Northside Wizards female U21 players to continue to play basketball and enable the transition to senior competition.

As such, the NGBL will be supporting those players wanting to continue their basketball by entering teams into the senior competition, without the hassle of providing uniforms, finding a venue to train (if required) and all of the setup and ongoing weekly financial payments. The cost for the season will be $429 + Basketball Queensland fee (if due to expire during the season). For those U21 players that wish to register, upon registration you have the option to select either:

  1. Premier League: Played Monday evenings
  2. Social League: Played Tuesday evenings

The best thing about this pathway is that it is open to players over 21 as well. If you have a friend, colleague or even your mother, they are also free to register using the registration link. Registrations will close 22 September 2023.

To register – click U21 Registration Link.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either the NGBL delegates via email ([email protected]) or Competitions Manager via email: [email protected] 


New this season is an U21 competition for those players moving out of the junior competition and into seniors.

  • Players can register via one of the following:
      • register with their affiliated junior club for continued support on admin, uniforms and training
      • register as an independent team responsible for their own uniforms and game fees (see Team Requirements below)
  • For more information email [email protected]
  • Team captain registers team and then invites players to register to the team.
  • Team Nomination fees will be charged and payable via TeamPay. Team details will be sent after team is registered.
  • Weekly game fees must be paid before the start of the game. Teams must confirm payment on arrival.
      • We accept TeamPay weekly or full/half season in advance.
      • Team captains are responsible for coordinating this within the team.
  • Players must be a minimum of 15 years of age at the commencement of a season to participate in senior competitions.
  • Before signing up to our competitions it is important that you understand Northside Wizards club competitions are social in nature and you acknowledge the following:
  • Summer Season – October to March
  • No games scheduled on long weekends
      • 5 weeks break over Summer Holidays period
  • Grading Phase – First two rounds of the season
      • Ladder points awarded from round 3
  • Finals – Top 4 teams in two round format


NWB have many fixed expenses that are required to be paid even when forfeits are notified.
The amount of notice given will determine the forfeit fee amount which will need to be paid before the next game.

  • More than 48 Hrs Notice = $0
  • More than 24 Hrs Notice = $120
  • Less than 24 Hrs Notice = $240

Teams must notify NWB through TeamPay if they are required to forfeit an upcoming game.


Add your name to the waiting list and when teams are looking for players we’ll pass your information along.


Northside Wizards Competition Manager 
Shantelle Vance – [email protected]

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