Senior Club Competition Information

Northside Wizards offer a range of competitions for senior players of all ages and skill levels. Senior competitions are available for anyone over the age of 15.

For more information please contact Shantelle at

Winter 2022 competition information

Our weekly 2022 Winter senior competition dates can be viewed here:

Monday Night at Northside Indoor Sports Centre (Zillmere)

  • Men’s Premier League Division 1
  • Men’s Premier League Division 2
  • Women’s Premier League
  • Monday Women’s

Tuesday Night at South Pine Sporting Complex (Brendale)

  • Tuesday Men’s
  • Tuesday Women’s

Wednesday Night at Northside Indoor Sports Centre (Zillmere)

  • Men’s Divisions 1
  • Men’s Division 2
  • Men’s Division 3
  • Men’s Division 4
  • Men’s Division 5

Thursday Night at Northside Indoor Sports Centre (Zillmere)

  • Men’s Division 1
  • Men’s Division 2
  • Men’s Division 3
  • Veterans (Over 35 years of age)

Sunday Social Mixed League at Northside Indoor Sports Centre (Zillmere)

  • Sunday Mixed

2022 Senior Player Registration Details:

Annual Registration Fee Fee Amount
Basketball Queensland Fee (valid for 365 days) $72.84 (incl proc fee)
Northside Wizards Fee (valid for 365 days) $116.91 (incl proc fee)

All players need to register online before their first game.  The quickest and easiest way to complete your registration is to complete the online form from your home or work computer, or at the venue on game nights using our computer (please allow an extra 20-30 minutes as there may be a queue).

Game fees must be paid via EFTPOS or TEAMPAY before the start of your game.

See the Court Supervisor prior to the commencement of your game and pay in full via EFTPOS or show payment has been made via the TEAMPAY app. Multiple transactions will not be accepted.

Team contacts will need to manage this process for their teams – you could collect money from your players then pay the game fees yourself each week, or you could allocate the task of paying the whole game fee to a different team member each week.  You will be able to pay one or more week’s game fees at the same time.

Senior Team Requirements

Team nominations for the 2022 Winter season have now closed.

All players wishing to play must have an active Northside Wizards Registration $116.91 and Basketball Queensland Registration $72.84. Both registrations last for 365 days.

Game times can be anywhere from 6.00pm and 9.30pm and times in between. Late games will be shared as evenly as possible.

If competitions allow, there will be a grading process to ensure teams are placed in the right division for the season.

Before signing up to our competitions it is important that you read both

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