2024-25 U18 Representative Key Dates

U18 Junior Representative Trial Registrations are now open for eligible boys and girls born in 2008 and 2009.

The junior representative program is designed to further the skills and development of those wanting to take their basketball to a higher level. In recent years basketball has experienced significant growth, resulting in an increased number of players interested in playing representative basketball.  

Recent experience has seen up to 150 players registering for rep trials in some age groups and this has led to a refinement of our selection process. The outcomes of recent representative selections have confirmed that domestic club player grading can be relied upon to identify which levels of players are likely to be the most competitive in a rep selection process.  As an example, of the 130 players vying for selection in the 2023-24 U16 Boys trials, only 7 players that were selected to a team were playing in a division other than 16A or 16B1.  These outcomes have been informative in determining the criteria for players wishing to be considered for selection. 

It is our intention to cap the number of U18 teams in the 2024-25 season to a maximum of four i.e. approximately 40 players.  The level of players invited to trial will therefore be limited to players who are likely to be competitive in the selection process in addition to satisfying the eligibility criteria. 

Please work through the checklist to confirm your eligibility to register for the trials here. If you satisfy the eligibility test you can then follow the link to view the information in the pre-trial form and the registration forms. If you are unsure of your eligibility please email [email protected]

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