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Redbacks Parents Guide

Redbacks has grown from 2 teams in 2013
to 41 teams in Winter Season 2024.

At Redbacks, success is measured in the number of boys playing ball and the enjoyment they have.

Club philosophy

  • Fun – Playing basketball should be fun. The enjoyment of playing basketball is in knowing the individuals and team have done their very best.
  • Teamwork – Winning should provide a focus for the team as a whole. The goal should be to win as a team and have fun in the process.
  • Effort – Acknowledge the players’ effort not just the result. Success should not be measured in terms of wins and losses but in the amount of effort put in.
  • Challenge – Establish high but realistic expectations. Encourage players to do their best.
  • Competition – There’s no substitute for actual game experience and every member of the team has a right to gain that experience.

Team rules

  • Establish a ‘Team First’ attitude.
    Celebrate teammates’ success, individual success will follow.
    No put-downs, contribute to a supportive environment.
  • Playing time for players will be based on each boy’s commitment to practice, intensity, attitude and skills.
  • Each player is to receive fair court time over the course of the season.
  • All players must be given the opportunity to develop while on the court.
  • This is club, not representative basketball.

Player court conduct

  • Show good sportsmanship and positive team behaviour – on court and on the bench.
    Participate with the spirit of the game and importance of fair play.
    Develop players’ respect for opponents, officials and opposing coaches.
  • Player actions are monitored at all times by coaches and administration and if out of line they will be addressed.
  • Swearing and inappropriate gestures will NOT be allowed anytime. If a player gets a technical foul due to their inappropriate behavior or language during a game, they will be benched straight away.
  • No player is allowed to argue, make any obscene gestures over a referee’s call or any other game situation or they will be benched straight away.
    Remember the referees are children as well.
  • Redbacks philosophy is that players must behave in a manner of good sportsmanship at all times.


  • To promote the value of teamwork, all players are required to be at training.
  • Excused absence:
    Sometimes it is hard to make training around family and school functions.
    Wizards’ position is that rep training always takes precedence over club.
  • Unexcused absence (no communication):
    If players miss a practice and it is not excused, they may start on the bench for the next game.
    Continued absences need to be addressed – this may be a parent meeting to discuss the circumstances.
  • 1 hour training slots are all that Wizards allocate to all club teams (U10 to U18 only).
  • Each team is normally allocated a half court to train.
  • Venues are not available during school holidays.

Parent conduct

  • Parents are to act in a respectable manner. Parents who verbally attack players, coaches or opponents will be referred to the Club Manager.
  • During the game, promote communication between the coach and players, not parents and players.
  • All parents are to abide by the Basketball Queensland Parents Code of Behaviour.
  • If you have concerns/comments please discuss with a committee member

Club Manager – [email protected]
Club Registrar – [email protected]
Coach Coordinator – [email protected]

Game day routine

  • All boys must wear plain black shorts (no pockets for safety reasons, no large logos).
  • All players will be provided with a club singlet for games.
  • The team listed first on the draw is to sit on the left-hand side of the scoretable. The team listed second on the draw is to sit on the right-hand side of the scoretable.
  • All parents in a team are expected to take turns in scoring a game as rostered.
  • The Coach and Team Manager are the only personnel permitted to sit on the team bench – parents must not sit on the team bench.

Measures of success

  • Did the players have fun?
  • Did the players enjoy their season?
  • Did the players’ skills improve over the course of the season?
  • Did the team’s performance improve over the course of the season?
  • Was there a culture of teamwork and sportsmanship on the team?

Remember, It’s Only A Game

(Children’s sport)

For full details please see the Redbacks Parents Handbook below.



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