Chermside Redbacks

Chermside Redbacks has grown from 2 teams in 2013 to 39 teams in 2023.

At Redbacks, success is measured in the number of boys playing ball and the enjoyment they have.

Club contact details

Club Manager – [email protected]
Club Registrar – [email protected]
Coach Coordinator – [email protected]

Trials and registration

Team lists for the 2023 Winter Championship Season are announced!  

Teams with coaches confirmed will start training in Week 1 of Term 2.

Training times will be confirmed once all teams have a training slot.

If your son’s team doesn’t have a coach yet, please contact Jim at [email protected] if you or anyone in your networks can offer to coach the team. All of our teams are coached by volunteers. Teams will not be able to train until a coach volunteers.

Just a reminder that during the 3 weeks of grading games, your son may change teams, or the whole team may change divisions based on their performance.

When and where are the games held?

Due to increased demand, Wizards are planning a new schedule for junior fixtures.

Games will be played at Northside Indoor Sports Centre, 20 Cambewarra St, Zillmere or South Pine Sports Complex, 620 South Pine Rd, Brendale.

  • All U11 to U17 Div 1 teams to play on Friday nights at Zillmere
  • U11 Div 2 and below and U13 to U17 Div 2 and 3 teams to play on Saturdays at Zillmere or Brendale
  • U13 to U17 Div 4 and below to play on Sunday afternoons at Zillmere or Brendale
  • All U19 teams to play on Wednesday nights at Zillmere

When and where are the trials?

Our trials for Winter Season 2023 were held on Friday 24 March at The Sports Centre, Brisbane Entertainment Centre, 1 Melaleuca Drive, Boondall.

  • U11 (born 2013, 2014) – 5pm to 5:45pm
  • U13 (born 2011, 2012) – 6pm to 6:45pm
  • U15 (born 2009, 2010) – 7pm to 7:45pm
  • U17 (born 2007, 2008) – 8pm to 8:45pm
  • U19 (born 2005, 2006) – 5pm to 5:45pm

Players must have registered and paid their BQ fees and season fees to take part in the trials. This is for insurance purposes. Information about the fees are on the Northside Wizards website at The option to pay by two instalments is now available.

Players are expected to attend the trials to enable the coaching team to assess players’ skill levels relative to other players. Players are placed into teams based on their performance at trials, so please make this a priority.

If any players can’t make the trials, please let us know beforehand by emailing [email protected].

How do I register?

Due to the increasing popularity of basketball, Northside Wizards are close to capacity in terms of the number of junior teams that can be entered into the competition.

Registrations opened on 1 March 2023. Current players and wait listed players have received the link via email. New players can join the wait list by contacting Anne at [email protected].

Players who do not register early cannot be guaranteed a spot in a team next season.

We have 39 teams and are always interested to hear from potential coaches and managers, please indicate your interest in these roles by signing up here

Confirmation of the correct age cut offs is on the Northside Wizards website at

How do the trials work?

Players who don’t attend the trials cannot be assured of a spot in a team.

There will be no spectators allowed into the venue during the trials. Only prospective coaches, assistant coaches and club committee members will be allowed to enter.

All players are to bring a basketball clearly marked with their name, and a water bottle. Please wear a singlet as we will be writing numbers on the boys’ arms to help identify them during the trials.

Please ask players to try their hardest throughout the trials so they are placed in a team that is the right level for them.

Players will be placed into teams and graded into division levels.

Please don’t ask for players to be moved after the trials.

Occasionally we will need to move players during the grading process, please be open to any changes requested. The aim is for players to have a positive experience of basketball.

How does the competition work? When are the finals?

Winter Season is in Terms 2 and 3 (April to September) and Summer Season is in Terms 4 and 1 (October to March), both with finals at the end of the season.

Northside Wizards offers a Wiz Kidz skills development program for players from 4 to 10 years of age.

Wizards also offer a Seniors competition for players who are 15 years and older.

Can players be put into teams with their friends?

We make all efforts to place players in teams based on their skill and ability. This helps ensure that players have a great basketball experience during the season. We do know that some players may want to play with their friends. During the trials, boys will be placed in teams of different playing abilities. We can’t guarantee that friends will be placed together but we will consider requests only where players are the same playing ability.

Can players play with friends in an older age group? They go to school together.

Players must play in their correct age group. This a Wizards requirement. There used to be provision for players to play a second game in an older age group, but due to the new limits on capacity, it is unlikely that this will be able to be offered this season.

When and where will training sessions be?

Training sessions are likely to be on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. The earliest slots are given to the youngest teams. With 36 teams to find slots for, the more flexible coaches can be about times and venues the better.

Training times are only released once we have formed teams and allocated coaches. Our main priority when scheduling training is coach availability followed by venue allocations.

U19s may be offered training this season if venue allocations allow.

How will I know what team my son has been placed in?

Team lists are published on our website once available. Please also note that during the 3 week grading period, players may be moved between teams.

Do I need to buy a uniform?

Once games start, all boys must wear plain black shorts (no pockets for safety reasons or large logos). Wizards have supplies of shorts available for purchase at Zillmere for $25. Suitable shorts are usually available in the active wear section of K Mart, or at Rebel.

All players will be provided with a club singlet for actual games. These singlets remain the property of Chermside Redbacks.

For training sessions, players should wear their own singlet.

How do I know when the games are on?

Your team manager will confirm the game times each week. Games for the whole season are scheduled at the beginning of the season. Minor changes may happen week to week. You can look up the confirmed game times yourself on the Wizards website at Game times are usually confirmed on the Wednesday prior to the games.

Season dates are posted on our Facebook page.

Where can I look up the results of the games?

Game results will be published on the BasketballConnect website.

Club information

Club philosophy

  • Fun – Playing basketball should be fun. The enjoyment of playing basketball is in knowing the individuals and team have done their very best.
  • Teamwork – Winning should provide a focus for the team as a whole. The goal should be to win as a team and have fun in the process.
  • Effort – Acknowledge the players’ effort not just the result. Success should not be measured in terms of wins and losses but in the amount of effort put in.
  • Challenge – Establish high but realistic expectations. Encourage players to do their best.
  • Competition – There’s no substitute for actual game experience and every member of the team has a right to gain that experience.

Team rules

  • Establish a ‘Team First’ attitude.
    Celebrate teammates’ success, individual success will follow.
    No put-downs, contribute to a supportive environment.
  • Playing time for players will be based on each boy’s commitment to practice, intensity, attitude and skills.
  • Each player is to receive fair court time over the course of the season.
  • All players must be given the opportunity to develop while on the court.
  • This is club, not representative basketball.

Player court conduct

  • Show good sportsmanship and positive team behaviour – on court and on the bench.
    Participate with the spirit of the game and importance of fair play.
    Develop players’ respect for opponents, officials and opposing coaches.
  • Player actions are monitored at all times by coaches and administration and if out of line they will be addressed.
  • Swearing, inappropriate gestures will NOT be allowed anytime. If a player gets a technical foul due to their inappropriate behavior or language during a game, they will be benched straight away.
  • No player is allowed to argue, make any obscene gestures over a referee’s call or any other game situation or they will be benched straight away.
    Remember the referees are children as well.
  • Redbacks philosophy is that players must behave in a manner of good sportsmanship at all times.


  • To promote the value of teamwork all players are required to be at practice.
  • Excused absence:
    Sometimes it is hard to make training around family and school functions.
    Wizards’ position is that rep training always takes precedence over club.
  • Unexcused absence (no communication):
    • If players miss a practice and it is not excused, they may start on the bench for the next game.
    • Continued absences need to be addressed – this may be a parent meeting to discuss the circumstances.
  • 1 hour training slots are all that Wizards allocate to all club teams.
  • Each team is normally allocated a half court to train.
  • Venues may be available on public holidays – Anzac Day, Labour Day, Ekka, etc. (Please check beforehand).
  • Venues are not available during school holidays.

Parent conduct

  • Parents are to act in a respectable manner. Parents who verbally attack players, coaches or opponents will be referred to the Club Manager.
  • During the game, promote communication between the coach and players, not parents and players.
  • All parents are to abide by the Basketball Queensland Parents Code of Behaviour.
  • If you have concerns/comments please discuss with a committee member:

Game day routine

  • All boys must wear plain black shorts (no pockets for safety reasons, no large logos).
  • All players will be provided with a club singlet for games.
  • The team listed first on the draw is to sit on the left-hand side of the scoretable. The team listed second on the draw is to sit on the right-hand side of the scoretable.
  • All parents in a team are expected to take turns in scoring a game as rostered.
  • The Coach and Team Manager are the only personnel permitted to sit on the team bench – parents must not sit on the team bench.

Measures of success

  • Did the players have fun?
  • Did the players enjoy their season?
  • Did the players’ skills improve over the course of the season?
  • Did the team’s performance improve over the course of the season?
  • Was there a culture of teamwork and sportsmanship on the team?

Parent Handbook

Click here to download

Hall of Fame

350 games

Lachlan Barry

300 games

Mitchell Stanton
Joshua Barry

250 games

Thomas Morgan

200 games

Cooper Burgess
Finn Francey

150 games

Max Cherry
Andrei Luistro
Elliott Stark
Max Day
Charlie Pearman
Kobe Resco
Samuel Mitchell
Malachy Hunter

100 games

Joshua Clark
Dominic Powell
Connor Dinneen
Nicholas Sawyer
Campbell Hood
Lachlan Hastie
Nicholas Gardiner
Jai Creed
Blair MacDonald
Charles Normoyle
Aiden Hunter
Thomas Mitchell
Adam Pacris
Aidan Byrne
Austin Wells
Gabriel Repatacodo
Nicholas Casey
Noah Levitski
Sean Javier
Luke Morrison
Jaswan Smith
Jayden Turner
Bailey Jones
James Rafter
William Horton
Hurley Dale
Lachlan Matthews
Joshua Mukoma
Gwynmatt Antonio
Leon Burns
Jayden Luhrs
Zion Laulu
Ryan Chambers

50 games

Silas Ale
James Alexander
Raphael Almodiel
Ashton Angove
Aitrorai Appo
Daniel Asgari
Bryn Ballantine
Oscar Bourke
Blake Boyd
Harris Braid
Liam Browne
Lance Cambia
Jay Clark
Gabriel Colwell
Dylan Cooper
Theo Court
Hamish Cumming
Alexander David
Rhys Dodd
Jonah Dowling
Bailey Dows
Jack Dwyer
Toby Ellis
Thomas Eyles
Brooklyn Faalafi
Ethan Forsdyke
Matthew Fuller
Isaiah Gavin
Aayush Giri
Kobie Gordon
Matthew Graham
Tanay Gulati
Brooklyn Hall
Liam Harling
Bryson Harris
Harley Holko
Jake Holko
Harry Holland
Mackenzie Hope
Dylan Hudson
Dayton Johnson
Elijah Johnson
Cooper Jones
Toby Jones
Baxter Joy
Isaac Kenny
Jesse Kindley
Mateja Kis
Elliot Lane
Oliver Langton
Lachlan Lawless
Lachlan Lee
Matthew Li
Kip Lobley
Roly Lobley
Lance Lomboy
Redcliffe Lomboy
Ben Maher
Samuel Marks-Wynne
Matthew Marshall
Matthew Masotti
Aditya Matkar
Gage McIntosh
Vihan Mehrotra
Harvey Mellor
Jacob Mells
Zachary Mells
Andrew Melville
Ryan Newbold
Evan O’Connor
Nicholas Oldfield
Angus Onn
Aiden Pascoe
Perry Pearse-Sargeant
Edward Pembroke
Max Piotto
Elliott Pitman
Mitchell Pulvirenti
James Quin
Bailie Radford
Kaleb Rail
Luciano Raiti
Will Rooney
Oliver Senz
Alister Shoesmith
Zachary Shore
Bailey Smith
Jack Smith
Jayden Smith
Asher Sonnenburg
Brent Stanton
Callum Stanton
Michael Stumer
Daniel Symes
Carter Thomas
Zac Timbs
Jaksen Towers-Dayag
Oscar Trenorden
Mason Turner
Joseph Ullman
Harrison Vanderburg
Alexander Walker
Connor Webb
Dominic White
Oliver White
Dineth Wickramasinghe
Jacob Williamson
Kyan Wilson
Ashton Windahl
Mitchell Windahl
Xavier Wiskar
Jeremy Wong
Lachlan Wong
Joseph Woods
Isaiah Wrigley
Luca Yannuccelli

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