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Representative Program Overview:

The South Queensland Junior Basketball Competition (SQJBC, formerly known as BQJBC) is a representative competition conducted in the South-east region of Queensland. The competition caters for Under 12 to Under 18 age groups in both boys and girls.

SQJBC provides a competition pathway for elite junior players representing their associations, with Basketball Queensland’s affiliated associations in the South-east Queensland region eligible to enter.  Similar competitions are played in QLD Central and Northern regions.

Association teams are required to nominate and if accepted, they are generally required to attend grading events prior to competing in a full school term of regional based competition (i.e.SQJBC in SEQ). Following the completion of regional fixtures the QLD State Championships are offered for each age group and gender by Basketball Qld, in conjunction with a host association.  Teams in most divisions have the option to nominate and attend the relevant state championship for their age group during school holidays.  Eligible Northside Wizards teams will always attend the State Championships, accordingly the commitment to the Junior Rep Program is for both SQJBC and the State Championships.

Northside Wizards Junior Representative Selection Process

Selection to a team in the Northside Wizards Representative program is a staged process involving the following steps:

1. Rep Player Combine and/or filtered trial sessions: these are the first stage of the rep player identification & trials process. The Combine or filtered trial sessions aim to provide a viewing platform for all players eligible for this age group. Previously identified higher level club and/or representative players may be exempt from attending the combine and automatically qualify for the Rep Trial Stage.  From the Combine or filtered trial sessions identified players are then invited to “Rep Team Trials” which is a mix of these invitees & any players previously identified and automatically qualified.  The Combine will be conducted over one or more days, and may be increased if there are a high number of participants.

2. Rep Team Trials: will be conducted over two or three sessions.  Trials are co-ordinated by the Northside Wizards Coaching Director with the assistance of coaching applicants & identified selection panel members.

Note: Players that last played representative basketball for an association other than Northside Wizards will be required to meet Association eligibility and BQ transfer requirements. Please email [email protected] for further information.  Players who do not meet the eligibility and/or transfer requirements will be unable to participate in the Northside Wizards Junior Rep program.

All selection processes, including Combine sessions, filtered sessions and Rep trials will be closed sessions and parents will not be admitted.

**Please note participation in the “Rep Team Trial” does not guarantee selection to a team.  The number of rep teams assembled varies each year, with considerations to the overall quality of participants, the availability of a suitable coach & the approval from BQ**

3. Rep Team Announcements: Players will receive an email to notify them of the outcome of their trial as soon as practicable after the final trial session.  Successful players will be advised which team they are being offered an opportunity in. At this time Wizards will require an acceptance of the offer & a pledge to meet all commitments.

** IMPORTANT – once a player has made the decision to contest the trials they are committed to the program.  If they decline the offered position and/or withdraw from the team after accepting their position they will be liable for the full amount of rep fees and may be excluded from future participation in the Wizards rep program for up to two years.**

4. Squad Training: Once the teams have been announced, they will initially commence squad training known as WPP or Wizards Performance Program. Once they have completed WPP the teams will break off into twice weekly team trainings.

5. Team Trainings: Will be held twice per week predominantly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Some weekend trainings may be required based on coach and venue availibility.

Northside Wizards continues to review and conduct rep selection processes which are open to all players registered with our association, and players who wish to join our association and agree to meet domestic playing commitments. The selection process, timing of trials and the ongoing education of those selected has changed over time to accommodate an evolving competition format & increased demand on our physical & human resources.

Once teams are in place they train twice a week for a full school term & attend BQ grading events in that same term. The following school term requires a commitment to SQJBC fixtures most weekends, conducted in venues throughout South East Queensland (note – in some weeks the games may be on both Saturday & Sunday). Players are still required to attend two practice sessions per week during the SQJBC season. The rep team journey culminates with participation in the State Championships in the school holidays following the SQJBC season.

Representative fees for SQJBC are approximately $1000 for the season (subject to changes) plus compulsory uniforms approximately $250 (these can often be re-used in future seasons).

As stated above, the Junior Rep commitment includes participating in the State Championships.  This 4-5 day tournament attracts an additional fee to cover costs including team nomination fees, flights, accommodation, meals etc. This fee can vary depending on the time of the year and the location of the championships but is likely to be an additional outlay of around $600 – $2,000.

Please check the State Championship dates for your age group prior to attending trials to ensure you are available to attend

Please note, players intending to take part in the Representative Trial Phases must not have outstanding fees and be financial within the Association prior to registration.

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