Coaching Resources

This page provides NWB coaches at both domestic and representative levels an assortment of online courses, and other resources such as drills and skills booklets, to assist in their development. We recommend that coaches engage with this content early in the season to build foundational knowledge, improve terminology and acquire a repertoire of up to date coaching drills and techniques. A brief explanation is provided for each resource so that coaches can assess their suitability for their players and their team.

If you have any questions or have additional resources that you think would be beneficial to NWB coaches, please contact NWB at [email protected]

Online Coach Development Courses

Community Course

  • Complete the Community Coaching General Principles Certificate
  • Register for the SportAus portal and complete the CCGP certificate – your first coaching accreditation! Register here

FIBA Online Coaching Courses – for Grassroots, Junior club, and Representative coaches

  • The International Basketball Federation provides FREE online coaching courses for coaches at all levels. These courses are ideal for the new coach who would like to create a solid foundation to build upon, or more experienced coaches that would like to explore any advances in coaching as outlined by our international governing body. CLICK HERE

Skills and Drills Booklets

Northside Wizards Club Coaching Booklet

Shane Froling  Drills & Skills – BasketbALLSTAR

Skills and Drills Booklet – for Junior club and Representative coaches

  • This resource provides an assortment of skills and drills that can be implemented in to Under 13’s, Under 15, Under 17’s and above, as well as high division club teams and representative programs. Many of these drills require a solid grasp of basketball fundamentals, concepts and rules. CLICK HERE

Basketball Queensland Coaching Resources – Games Approach to Teaching – Pivoting and Passing

You Got MOJO – 10 Best Defensive Defensive Drills for Kids

You Got MOJO – Best Basketball Passing Drills for Kids

Phil Brown Basketball ACT – Running an Effective Training Session

Oregon Youth Basketball League Practice Drills – OYBL 1st thru 6th Grade Practice Drills

USA Basketball Youth Development Guidebook – for Grassroots, Junior club and Representative coaches

  • USA Basketball provides a comprehensive guide for coaches of all age groups and skill levels, and the types of skills that should be taught. In particular, check out the player development curriculum for introductory athletes (pg. 41-82), foundational athletes (pg. 83-182), or advanced athletes (pg. 183-287), depending on your team’s requirements. CLICK HERE

Miscellaneous Coaching Resources

Basketball Australia Coaching Resources – Being a Parent Coach

Basketball Australia Coaching Resources – for Grassroots, Junior Club and Representative Coaches

  • Basketball Australia offers a range of resources that can be implemented in to your coaching right away. These include training plans, instructional videos, factsheets and an array of other useful items that will be of benefit to all levels. CLICK HERE

Basketball Queensland Coaching Resources – for Grassroots, Junior Club and Representative Coaches

  • Basketball Queensland provides an assortment of online resources including apps, website, Youtube channels and social media accounts that can be accessed to support and improve your coaching. CLICK HERE

Player Skills Development Matrix – for Grassroots, Junior Club and Representative Coaches  

  • This document can be used as a guide for all coaches as to what they should be teaching and what their players should be able to achieve at each age level. Please note, this is a guide only and coaches must adapt their teachings based on the level, experience, knowledge, understanding and skill of each team they coach. CLICK HERE
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