Resources for Coaches

This page will assist NWB coaches at both domestic and representative levels by providing an assortment of drills, courses and resources that will assist in the development of your coaching skills. We recommend that you engage with this content to improve your coaching and stay up to date with all the latest coaching drills and techniques that you can use in your programs.

FIBA Online Coaching Courses – The World Association of Basketball Coaches (WABC) provides a number of FREE online coaching courses. These courses are ideal for new coaches that would like a solid foundation to build upon, or more experienced coaches that would like to add some depth to their coaching.

Basketball Australia Coaching Resources – Basketball Australia offers a range of resources including training plans, videos, factsheets and an array of other useful items that will benefit all levels of coach.

Basketball Queensland Coaching Resources – Basketball Queensland provide an assortment of online resources including apps, website, youtube channels and social media accounts that you can access to improve your coaching.

Player Skills Development Matrix – This document can be used as a guide for all coaches as to what they should be teaching and what their players should be able to achieve at each age level. Please note, this is a guide only and coaches must adapt their teachings based on the level, experience, knowledge, understanding and skill of each team they coach.

Discover you coaching styles –

USA Basketball Youth Development Guidebook – This comprehensive guide from USA Basketball includes a player development curriculum for introductory, foundational, advanced and performance levels of the game. Each level contains a set of focus areas that can be implemented with your athletes right away.

Coaching Concepts

Coaching on the Run

What should your training focus be?

Drills booklets – This document provides a range of drills

Coaching Video Library – Access dozens of videos from experienced coaches to increase