Senior Domestic Registration

  • Senior teams will first be registered by the team captain who can then invite people to register to the team.
  • Team Nomination fee to be paid prior to start of season. Details to follow once all teams are registered.
  • Game fees must have been paid before the start of every game. Team Captains see the Game Officials desk on entry to confirm.
  • All teams and spectators are responsible for participating in accordance with NWB Competition rules and Codes of Conduct.

Northside Wizards are using a new Competition Management system BasketballConnect.
Before you register the team (or if you run into trouble during registration), have a look at the following guides to help:

All players must have completed a valid registration to be able to play.
No registration, no play.

Game times can be scheduled anywhere from 6.00pm and 9.30pm and times in between.
Specific game time requests will NOT be accepted. By registering, you are accepting the scheduled game times.


Add your name to the waiting list. If a team lets us know they are looking for new players, we will pass your details on to them.
A great way to meet teams, is to come down to the competition night, grab a drink and have a chat with the teams after their games.

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