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The officials in a game of basketball are a team that must work together for the game to be judged and recorded correctly. They all rely on each other to contribute their parts and to work in the spirit of good sportsmanship. Just like players, coaches, managers and the rest of the basketball community, we love the game, strive for success, make lifelong friends, and enjoy the privilege of being a part of such a great sport.

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Head of Officials: Calia Hanks

Contact Details:

Ph: 0423 486 546

Email: [email protected]

– Level 1 Referee Instructor

– WNBL Referee

– Level 1 Statistician

– Level 1 Score-table

– Cert III Fitness Instructor



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To build a program that allows others to experience the joys, challenges, comradery and opportunities that officiating has provided for me.


Develop great people who will make great officials; balanced individuals who value wellbeing, like to challenge themselves to develop skills & enjoy giving back to the basketball community.


Deliver a training framework that develops wellbeing and fosters a culture of respect, teamwork, and effort. This will create quality people to which the theoretical instruction can be effectively delivered, and life skills can be taught. Its strategic structuring will facilitate consistent and efficient delivery of education in the high volumes required to meet the demands of a growing association.


Many different officials contribute to the smooth running of the game. Click on the type of official you would like to learn more about:





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