Forfeits – Guidelines

GAME FORFEITS: Forfeit fees will apply to all teams as follows: -Double game fee if notified less than 48 hours before scheduled game time; – Single game fee for any other forfeit, regardless of time and date of notification.


Forfeit fees must be paid prior to the team’s next game. Teams will not be allowed to take the court until forfeit fees are paid. If this results in another forfeit, additional forfeit fees will be charged.


All player registration fees are to be paid prior to participating in the player’s first game (all games in all divisions). Unregistered players are not covered by insurance and are therefore NOT ELIGIBLE to take the court under any circumstances. 


A short-term registration is available if teams are short and wish to bring in a fill-in player.  The short-term registration is available once per player per calendar year and is valid for 14 days only.  If the player wishes to continue playing beyond the 14 days they will be required to pay a full annual registration fee.

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