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The proper conduct of the game demands the full and loyal cooperation of players, head coaches, assistant coaches, substitutes, excluded players and accompanying delegation members with the referees, table officials and commissioner. Each team shall do its best to secure victory, but this must be done within the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play. Any deliberate or repeated non-cooperation or non-compliance with the spirit and intent of this rule shall be considered a technical foul.

The following Respect for the Game guidelines were implemented by the NBA, and to reduce negative reactions to calls, which take the focus off the game itself, and help reduce instances of RFTG violations. Northside Wizards has adopted the guidelines from the NBA and shares for the purpose of education of players, coaches, referees and fans of the game.

Impermissible Acts

  • Air punches, wave offs, aggressive or excessive motioning of the arms
  • Aggressive hand claps directed at an official or showing resentment for a call or non-call
  • Running towards or aggressively approaching a referee
  • Shouting a reaction to a call or using profanity
  • Extended or prolonged complaining about a call, particularly after being told to stop
  • Frantically running away from play after a call or no-call that is not agreed with
  • Any other act that the referee deems disrespectful or overt

The RFTG guidelines also aim to curb more subtle actions, which are generally acceptable provided they are not done repeatedly or after a referee warning. In some cases, the referees may use their discretion and attempt to issue a warning to the player, although they are not required to. Persisting in any similar actions after being issued a warning will result in a technical foul.

Referees, using their own discretion, may warn a player to avoid issuing a technical foul in the following situations:

  • Continuing to discuss a call after the referee has responded,
  • Holding his arms in the air following a call for a prolonged period of time
  • Attempting to demonstrate actions such as travelling, goaltending, etc.
  • Repeatedly asking questions, making comments, or gesturing throughout a period of time

Permitted Acts

  • Express disagreement with a call, so long as their reaction is not aggressive, overly demonstrative and dissolves quickly, and
  • Approach a referee to ask a question, so long as it’s done in a civil manner, and ended when the official has provided an answer.
  • Players are encouraged to communicate and ask questions with game officials, as long as it is not disrespectful.

Northside Wizards has released the “Respect for the Game” video series on this page, which is a condensed version of the videos developed by the NBA, that demonstrates the correct and incorrect behaviour. Our aim is to educate all stakeholders, including the referees, about what does and does not warrant a technical foul. Videos can also be accessed below:

Wave offs & clapping

Air punches & jumping

Ball abuse & post slap

Referee pursuit & aggressive approach

Opponent based – Taunting & clapping

Legal heat of the moment reactions

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