2021 Senior Male and Female Competition Information:

Northside Wizards offer a range of competitions for senior players of all ages and skill levels.


Please see below for our weekly competition schedule:

Monday Night:


Men’s Premier League 1, Men’s Premier League 2, Women’s Premier League

@Northside Indoor Sports Centre

Men’s Premier League 2, Women’s Division 2

Tuesday Night:


Men’s Division 1 – 3, Women’s Div 1 & 2


Wednesday Night: 

@Northside Indoor Sports Centre

Men’s Divisions 1 – 5

Thursday Night:


Men’s Division 1,2 & 3 and Men’s Veterans (35 & over)



Senior Team Requirements: 

Teams must have a minimum of 7 players to nominate.

Players who owe registration fees, game fees or any other fees from previous seasons will not be accepted into our competitions.  

Teams will be placed into divisions in order of receipt of nomination. The Competitions Manager reserves the right to determine a team’s division where necessary. Teams that are not offered a position will be placed on a waiting list and offered a position if a vacancy occurs.

Game start times commence 6.00pm and will be up to and including 9.35pm at Brendale and Boondall. Late games will be shared as evenly as possible. Teams that are not prepared to play late games will not be offered a position.



All teams and their members should be familiar with the NWB competition rulesand the BQ codes of behaviour. Teams that are reported for unsportsmanlike behavior by a referee, referee supervisor, court supervisor or other official may be given a written warning. In extreme circumstances, and/or if a second report is received in relation to the team, consideration will be given to removing the team from all competitions administered by Northside Wizards.


All players shall wear the approved uniform of their Club or Team. This includes both tops (singlets) and bottoms (shorts) in the approved team colours. All team must follow the NWB uniform rules.