2019-2020 Rep Coach Applications: Under 16, 18 & 21 representative coach applications are now open. Coaches seeking a position are invited to complete & submit an online application via enclosed link. Application close May 31st & recommendations will then be forwarded to the Wizards board for final approval & announcement. Where possible it is highly desirable our representative coaches assist with Wizards development programs & the conduct of rep team trials. The dates, times & venues for our programs are listed below, please let me know if you are willing & able to attend. Moving forward, once the teams are selected appointed coaches will be required to facilitate a prescribed skill session once a week in the lead up to BQ grading. The second team training each week will be devoted to team concepts & the introduction to specific offenses & defences deemed appropriate for your team. Through the coaching director, Wizards will provide a guide to program implementation & the relative discussions & education resources for appointed coaches. Further detail regarding coach applications can be found via the link below.


You can find the trials dates and times here.