Northside Wizards is working closely with Basketball Queensland to deliver coach education and support to club-level coaches. The Basketball Queensland Club Coaching course includes a range of online and on-court elements (outlined below). Coaching course dates will be published on this page by the end of February 2019.

Basketball Queensland Full Coaching Course Details

  1. The Game of Basketball (ONLINE)
    • The Origin of Basketball
    • Basketball in Australia
    • Coach Pathways
    • Rules of Basketball
    • Court Dimensions
    • Playing Positions
  2. The Role of the Coach (ONLINE)
    • Working with Players, Parents and Officials
    • The Legal Responsibilities of Coaching
    • Coaching Styles
    • Developing a Coaching Philosophy
    • Planning – Season and Training Seasons
    • Game Sense vs Traditional Approach
  3. Context – The Why, When and Where! (ONLINE & ONCOURT DISCUSSION)
    • Understanding why, when and where particular skills and concepts sit within the game
  4. Content – How to Build the House (ON COURT)
    • The Foundations – Pouring the Slab (Body Movement Fundamentals)
    • The Framework – Building the walls and support (Ball handling, passing receiving, shooting, rebounding)
    • The Functionality – Adding wires and pipes (individual offence and defense)
    • The Features – What can your house do (Concepts of Play – transition, spacing, pass & cut, dribble/pass/penetration/movement/receiver spots, dribble at, team defense)