Northside Wizards is working closely with Basketball Queensland to deliver coach education and support to club-level coaches. The Basketball Queensland Club Coaching course includes a range of online and on-court elements (outlined below). For more information contact the Northside Wizards Development Office, Lucian McGuinness via

Basketball Queensland Full Coaching Course Details

  1. The Game of Basketball (ONLINE)
    • The Origin of Basketball
    • Basketball in Australia
    • Coach Pathways
    • Rules of Basketball
    • Court Dimensions
    • Playing Positions
  2. The Role of the Coach (ONLINE)
    • Working with Players, Parents and Officials
    • The Legal Responsibilities of Coaching
    • Coaching Styles
    • Developing a Coaching Philosophy
    • Planning – Season and Training Seasons
    • Game Sense vs Traditional Approach
  3. Context – The Why, When and Where! (ONLINE & ONCOURT DISCUSSION)
    • Understanding why, when and where particular skills and concepts sit within the game
  4. Content – How to Build the House (ON COURT)
    • The Foundations – Pouring the Slab (Body Movement Fundamentals)
    • The Framework – Building the walls and support (Ball handling, passing receiving, shooting, rebounding)
    • The Functionality – Adding wires and pipes (individual offence and defense)
    • The Features – What can your house do (Concepts of Play – transition, spacing, pass & cut, dribble/pass/penetration/movement/receiver spots, dribble at, team defense)